functionalities of the layers of a label

physical resistance to tampering
link to digital technologies
majority of security elements
fundamental building block

imagine a new role for your substrate

serialised unique ID carrier !

permanent. quantified.

chemical print

high speed. reproducible. accurate.

 100% designed and engineered in Switzerland




drop on demand

specific, variable printed patterns

print adds functionality

unique substrate reaction

it's print. redefined.

safe. food contact approved. sustainable.  

Image by Yaoqi LAI


mozaiq ink 

reacts with the surface to form a new component

chemical reactions lead to formation of new substances




like burning a match


simple digital print. high-secured basis

combining digital technology with tangible security

minimalist red.jpeg

crisp & clean brand image

value-adding substrate 

permanent chemical print

irreversible ID


no copying

no hacking


© mozaiq Switzerland 2020

link to digital technologies