Mozaiq Prototyping

Early 2016, immediately after seed funding was approved by our Board of Directors, MOZAIQ started engineering work for a printer prototype. In late 2017 the company commissioned its own laboratory within the premises of its mother company.


Here feasibility of Mozaiq’s technology could successfully be demonstrated for the first time under semi-commercial conditions.


MOZAIQ offers State of the art laboratory facilities and equipment; amongst it including comprehensive possibilities for Ink development, -analysis and customization as well as Substrate development and characterization support.

At our Swiss Oftringen Technology Center, we can currently offer you prototyping in various forms:

First Samples

Table top Printing to support the very first sample preparations, up to A4

High speed

High speed Roll application on our demonstrator line, 220 m/min 50 cm wide, using your own preferred substrate for immediate result evaluation

Coating application

Coating application to optimize substrate receptiveness 

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To complement its technological offering, Mozaiq started early 2018 to collaborate with scientific and industrial partners to engineer a prototype for reading-out the signal of the printed security feature.


And, as with our printing application technology, also for this we are pioneering with state of the art technology, unseen in the security printing industry till this day. A first handheld device has been in use since mid 2018.

Apart from this dedicated read out tool, that we obviously offer as field identification equipment, we can support development of printed substrates by (deep) analyzing them before and after printing. Or at commercial stages, of course we can use highly sophisticated analytical equipment to forensically authenticate printed product.


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