Government Printing

sensitive documents

It is an everlasting race to stay ahead of counterfeiters that copy or mimic documents security features. MOZAIQ technology enables you to stay ahead of the game to secure such valuable papers;

Integrating new technologies is often cumbersome, especially when it involves complex documents and/or production lines.


MOZAIQ’s modular design allows for custom implementation; Either as stand-alone unit, but also retro-fitting onto existing production lines is possible. Seamless integration in your work flow is our top priority.


You may regard our process as your customized, unique process printing color topped with full variable data imaging capabilities

Fully customizable


Serialised (batch) numbering

Proprietary read Out in infrared

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Excise or Tax stamps
ID cards
(parking, fishing, hunting, weapons)
Voting ballots

MOZAIQ is a private-Owned company active in security printing. We are an independent technology provider aiming to deliver unrivalled protection of value papers. We cooperate with high security print houses allowing them an innovative edge in high security printing.


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